1. According to the school calendar it is the last week of Fall semester. You will get information on the evaluation from your teacher if there’s any. Happy learning!

2. Please contact us if you know someone who is interested in our school. Thank you for your cooperation!

Weekly Announcement Week 15 - 1/15/2021 

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1. 根據行事曆,本週為上學期最後一堂課,所以各班應該都會需要複習、做評量!請家長提醒孩子做好充足準備,期待孩子們在學習上都有進步!加油喔!

2. 歡迎家長有對我們學校有興趣的親朋好友,可以與我們聯絡旁聽事宜。感謝大家的合作!