1.     This Friday is the last day of 2017 school year. The first day of 2018-19 school year will start on 9/7. Have a great summer vacation to everyone!

2.      Yearend school carnival is this Friday. If you have not purchased the carnival tickets, they may purchase for one dollar each on site. The prepaid tickets can be picked up in the cafeteria. We will have the following gourmet food: minced pork over rice, pizza, donuts, vegetarian fried noodle, King’s Eggrolls, shrimp balls, tea eggs, pearl milk tea, macarons, Ai-Yu Jelly, etc. Please bring your friends and family to join the annual fun event!

3.     The office will be in the cafeteria this Friday. Carnival schedule is as the following:
6:30-7 pm Set up game booths
7:00-7:25 pm Teachers pass out report cards in the classrooms. (Please remember to lock the classroom doors before your leave.)
7:30 pm Yearend assembly in the cafeteria
7:45 pm Carnival games start
8:50 pm Clean up

4.     Please register online as soon as possible if you have not done so and turn in the check and photo and medical release form to the office this Friday. 

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Weekly Announcement Week 30 - 5/18/2018

1.      2017 學年即將結束,本週是最後一週。新學年 9/7 開學,預祝大家有個愉快的暑假!

2.      期待已久的園遊會來囉!上週還沒買園遊劵的家庭, 本週現場買是一張一元。今年美食如下: 肉燥飯、 pizza、Donuts、素炒麵、King’s Eggroll、蝦球、茶葉蛋、珍珠奶茶、馬卡龍、 手洗愛玉等等,這麼多好吃的食物等著你們全家來享用! 歡迎家長邀約親朋好友、鄰居一起來參加這個適合全家歡樂的活動!

3.      本週辦公室在 Argonaut Cafeteria。園遊會的流程如下:
6:30-7pm 美食上菜 / 各班家長可以開始設置遊戲攤位
7-7:25pm 老師與學生在教室發成績單(請老師和學生離開時,將教室門關上)
7:30pm 全校舉行結業式
7:45pm 遊戲攤位正式開始
8:50pm 收拾、互道珍重, 相約 9/7 開學見

4.  希望還沒報名的家長盡快上網報名!並於週五繳交支票和Photo and Medical release form完成報名手續 ! 

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