1. Time flies! It is the last week of this school year next week. We hope that you can recognize the hard work and effort that the kids put in this year.

2. The menu of the school-wide carnival on 5/24 includes fried rice, fried rice noodle, potstickers, popcorn chickens, fruit jelly, Cantonese sponge cake, Malaysian dessert, etc. We had started the tickets pre-sale, 25 tickets for $20. The tickets are good for food and games. It will be $1 per ticket at the door on 5/24 and we will not take cash on the day. School time will still be 7-9 pm. We will announce the details next week.
3. We have openings in all the classes. Please use
 this link to fill out the registration form if you have not done so. In addition, please fill out and sign the Medical and Photo release form  and turn in to the office or mail to 19901 Merribrook Dr Saratoga CA95070 along with a check of $800 payable to Saratoga Vision Chinese School to complete the registration. . Please contact us by email or drop by at the office if you have any questions.​​

4. We welcome friends and family to visit the school. Please contact us for a sit-in. We do not take any walk-ins. Thank you for your cooperation.

5. Our school email address is: info@svchineseschool.org. The weekly announcement will be sent out on Wednesdays posted on the school website on Thursdays. Please check the website and Facebook page for updated information.

6. Thanks to Gina for preparing the Spam Noodle Soup for us last week! Snack Shack will sell meatball pasta this Friday. Each order is $1. Thanks to Wenlin for preparing the snack for us!

Weekly Announcement Week 29 - May 15, 2024

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1. 時間過得真快,下週是本學年最後一週,希望大家都有看到孩子們今年的進步與成長。

​2. 很高興今年園遊會義賣的菜單:有炒飯、炒米粉、鍋貼、鹹酥雞、水果果凍、馬來糕、摩摩喳渣等等....本週繼續在辦公室開始預售園遊劵~園遊劵適用於最後一週購買食物和遊戲攤位,請家長於本週和下週預賣仍是$20購買25張園遊劵,園遊會當天各攤位不接受現金,現場購買園遊劵一張一元!下週上學時間仍是7-9點,詳細的上課流程和菜單我們將於下週公布,敬請期待。

3. 目前各班都還有名額,還沒報名的家長請盡快用​​這個連結填寫學生資料,除了上網填資料之外,別忘了還要印出、填妥附上的Medical and Photo release form,連同$800元支票payable to Saratoga Vision Chinese School, 在週五交到辦公室,或者郵寄到19901 Merribrook Dr Saratoga CA95070。

4. 本校歡迎家長分享給對本校有興趣的朋友家長,來信安排了解學校課程事宜!因為學期要結束我們已不接受旁聽,如有需要就要等九月開學後才能旁聽!感謝大家的配合。

5. 慧景中文學校e-mailinfo@svchineseschool.org. Weekly announcement每週三會寄出,星期四會公布在Newsletter網頁。請家長多多利用​​臉書網站查詢學校資料

6. 福利社報吿:非常感謝上週Gina阿姨精心準備「午餐肉雞湯通心粉」,深受小朋友歡迎.....有老饕孩子連續吃了三杯呢!本週點心由我們開校第一任福利社社長Wendy阿姨精心位小朋友準備「Meatball pasta」,每份一元。