1.     Yearend school carnival ended last Friday. We would like to thank the following parents for preparing food for the school: Angela for making minced pork over rice; Wenling for getting pizza, donuts, King’s eggrolls and shrimp balls; KA Joshua and Jacquelynn’s parents for making vegetarian chow mien and ai-yu; 9A parent Sonia for making tea eggs; CFL 6&7 parent Vipa for making macarons; CFL 6 parent Jane for making cotton candy. Along with all the game booths, we put a nice ending to 2017-2018 school year! Furthermore, we want to thank all the teachers for their dedication and efforts. Last but not least, we want to thanks all the volunteers for helping out during the school year: 3A&5A parent Wenling for preparing folders, binders, library book and doing yard duty; 5A&9A parent Angela for being in charge of Snack Shake; all volunteers for doing weekly yard duty including 5A&9A parent Kevin, 7A parent Vincent, CFL2 grandparents Frank and Roberta, and all the parents who step in when we need help.

2.     Help needed: Jennifer, office volunteer who has been helping for 13 years, will be leaving along with her daughter’s graduation. She has been making tea and ring the class bell. If you would like to help, please contact the office.

3.     Registration: Please register online as soon as possible so that we can prepare for 2018-2019 school year classes. Please print out Photo and Medical Release Form and mail it with the check to 19901 Merribrook Dr. Saratoga, CA 95070. Also, please help spread the word. We especially encourage parents to help advertise CFL1, CFL6, and KA classes. Thank you!

4.     School resumes on 9/7/2018. We wish you a wonderful summer!  

1.  2017學年在上週五的園遊會圓滿落幕了。 感謝以下家長用心幫忙準備當天的食物: 福利社Angela做肉燥飯; 文玲準備pizza、Donuts、King’s Eggroll、蝦球; KA浩然和紅樺的家長做素炒麵、愛玉; 9A家長Sonia煮了100顆茶葉蛋; CFL6 & 7家長Vipa精心製作馬卡龍捐給學校義賣! 還有CFL6 Max & Marcus家長搬棉花糖機器來共襄盛舉; 加上各班的遊戲攤位炒熱全場的氣氛,讓所有到場的親師生開心的為 2017學年度畫下一個完美的句點! 同時要感謝勞苦功高的老師們這一年來無怨無悔、認真的態度, 營造良好的學習環境來帶動、教導孩子學習! 最後要謝謝長期默默在學校幫忙的義工群:3A & 5A家長文玲開學前幫忙準備folder,binder等等,y ard duty,福利社發圖書等等,5A & 9A家長Angela擔任福利社社長,以及Yard Duty的義工群有: Kevin(5A & 9A家長),Vincent(7A家長),Roberta & Frank (CFL2 grandparent),以及一些有空隨時出現補位的家長們, 謝謝你們!

2.【徵才】長達13年,從家長到陪伴孩子做TA的Jennifer 阿姨,在辦公室幫忙帶茶水、敲下課鐘,今年終於要跟著孩子畢業了 ! 離情依依之際也得祝福她!在此我們要趕快為學校徵才〜有意接替的 家長,請不要怕! 我們可以找一位或兩位來分擔這些工作。

3.【報名】希望還沒報名的家長盡快上網報名!印出Photo and Medical release form連同支票寄到19901 Merribrook Dr. Saratoga CA 95070完成報名手續! 目前CFL1,CFL6,KA的報名情形非常需要大家再廣為宣傳 ,懇請大家幫忙! 

4.  2018 學年 9/7/2018 開學,預祝大家有個愉快的暑假!

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