Weekly Announcement Week 30 - 5-19-2023

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1. 本週五是這學年最後一天上課暨全校園遊會,很高興隨著疫情漸漸解封,新學年將全面恢復實體課!感恩今年各班老師的用心付出,暑假如果家長能為孩子做一些複習或至少在家用中文交談,相信會對孩子中文的學習有幫助。期待新學年9/8開學再見!

2. 本週上課流程:6-7pm美食街@Cafeteria前野餐區, 7-7:30pm老師帶孩子在各班教室發成績單, 7:25-7:50pm 回到Cafeteria裡面舉行結業典禮,7:50-8:50pm 園遊會~各班遊戲攤位,8:50-9pm收拾、互道祝福放暑假!

3. 園遊會每班會提供一個遊戲攤位,請各班家長協助老師排班看攤位。

4. 晚餐的菜單有阿嬤的茶葉蛋、一年級班家長特別提供的眷村手擀湯麵、史提夫爸爸鹹酥雞、甜甜圈、Vickie媽媽的杯子蛋糕等、前福利社長安琪拉的肉燥飯、段純真餐廳便當,及餐廳提供的酸梅湯和檸檬冬瓜茶等等,等著大家來購買品嚐!歡迎家長邀請親朋好友一起來參加這個歡愉的活動。美食及遊戲攤位需購買園遊劵,一張票一元!

5. 因本校下週起放暑假,提醒還沒報名或完成線上報名的家長請利用這週五交支票和Release Form。 之後除了上網報名外,還要請將支票及表格郵寄到19901 Merribrook Dr Saratoga Ca 95070學校郵寄地址。目前已有一班額滿!放假期間如有任何問題可以送電郵至​​info@svchineseschool.org. 如果對本校有興趣需要旁聽的家長,請於下學年開學日9/8前,發電郵到慧景中文學校申請安排旁聽。請家長多多利用​臉書網站查詢學校資料。

1. It is the last day of school and the carnival this Friday. We are happy to resume all in-person classes next year. We thank you for your support and the teachers’ dedication! See you all on 9/8 on the first day of school! 

2. The schedule of this Friday:6:00-7:00: Food court in from of the cafeteria

    7:00-7:30: CFL/class ceremony
    7:35-7:50: School ceremony
    7:50-8:50 Carnival
    8:50-9:00 Wrap-up/Clean-up
    Wishing you a happy and safe summer!

​3. We will have game and craft booths provided by each class in the carnival. Please contact your teacher to assist with the booth.

4. The menu includes tea eggs, homemade noodle soup, popcorn chicken, popcorn, donuts, cupcakes, and braised minced pork over rice, bento box and drinks from Duan Chun Zhen. We take tickets that are available to purchase for all the food and games.

5. Please complete your registration by bringing the signed release form and check to the office this Friday. We have one class that is full. If you have any questions in the summer  please email us at info@svchineseschool.org. We welcome prospective students to email us and arrange sit-ins by 9/8.  Please check website and the Facebook page for updated information. ​​