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Weekly Announcement Week 30 - 5/21/2021 

1. 本週是2020學年最後一週,傳統班各班將於第一個半小時給孩子做一個課程的結束與祝福叮嚀。之後7:30pm要聯合七個班為孩子辦網趴!每位老師使出渾身解術給孩子做闖關,希望孩子從遊戲中寓教於樂,為這個學期劃下一個圓滿精彩的句點~

1. 學校繼續在招生中,家長有任何問題,歡迎隨時用e-mail, 或電話415-805-1012與我們聯繫!也歡迎家長分享學校臉書頁或在Nextdoor幫忙宣傳。

請家長用這個連結填寫報名表,並且印出填妥Photo & Medical form寄到19901 Merribrook Dr Saratoga CA 95070 / Saratoga Vision Chinese School 收,完成報名手續。也歡迎將我們學校介紹給有興趣的家長,可以寄電郵或打電話安排線上旁聽事宜。​ 

3. 暑期家教課:有心為安排孩子在暑假做複習中文的家長,學校與台灣的大學生合作一對一的複習課程。詳情請參閱簡章網站。​ 

1. CFL will host an in person event 6:30-7:30pm this Friday, 5/21 at Linda Vista Park in Cupertino. It will be a family event and all the family members are cordially invited. Let’s have fun and celebrate the completion of another year of fun learning! 

2. Registration is ongoing! Please help spread the words to friends and family by sharing school Facebook page or make a post on Nextdoor as well as any other means. If you have any questions please email us at or call 415-805-1012. 

Please register online, fill out the Photo and Medical form and send it to:
19901 Merribrook Dr Saratoga CA 95070 / Saratoga Vision Chinese School along with the check. Please help spread the words. Thank you!
 We also welcome people who are interested to contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a sit-in class.

3. We will host summer enrichment program collaborating with college students in Taiwan. If you would like to help your child to retain their learning this is a great opportunity. Please check out the flyer or the website for details.