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Weekly Announcement - 11/15/2019 Week 10 

1. A friendly reminder: It gets dark early now. Please be careful when you drop off your child for Chinese School at night. If you have younger child, we strongly recommend that you company him/her to the classroom.

2. Dear parents and teachers: Please remind students not to eat in the hallways and throw away all the food trash in the trash cans placed outside the hallways. Thank you for your cooperation.

3. Snack Shack this Friday will sell spaghetti with chicken tomato sauce. Thanks to Angela for preparing the food for us.

1. 因為最近天⾊較早暗,請家⾧,尤其有年紀⼩的孩⼦,盡量早幾分鐘出⾨,停好⾞並陪孩⼦⾛進教室,以確保孩⼦安全。

2. 請老師及家長提醒孩子,盡量不要在走廊吃東西。如果有食物垃圾請丟到戶外的大垃圾桶內,感謝大家的配合。

3. 福利社這星期五將賣紅醬雞肉義大利麵。謝謝  Angela ⽤⼼為⼤家準備點⼼。

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