1. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by Argonaut movie night last week. It accentuated the need for more volunteers! Please contact MayJane at the office in room 2 for details.

2. Parents’ meeting for the heritage program will take place this Friday at 7:10pm in the tented area in front of the cafeteria. The information of the summer camp in Taiwan in 2024 will also be provided. We welcome you to raise any questions regarding your children’s learning.

3. Summer camp in Taiwan:  Please read the FAQs and then submit your questions. Liu laoshi will hold two Q&A sessions on Zoom on Wednesday 9/20 and Tuesday 9/26 at 8 PM. Please join the session with this Zoom link. Here is the information of the meeting: Meeting ID: 893 8222 8570 Passcode: 851995

4. Please contact the school if you would like to have a sit-in for your friends and family. We do not accept walk-ins this year.

5. Our school email address is: info@svchineseschool.org. The weekly announcement will be sent out on Wednesdays posted on the school website on Thursdays. Please check the website and Facebook page for updated information.

6. Thanks to the Snack Shack staff, Steve and Erica for making the sauce and Wenlin for making the pasta, last Friday! The staff insisted on not raising the price so each order will stay at $1. Snack Shack will sell braised meat sauce over rice this week. Thanks to Celine for preparing the meat sauce and Wenlin and Andy for making the rice.​​

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Weekly Announcement Week 3 - Sep. 20, 2023

1. 上週Argonaut小學家庭電影夜,造成大家很多不便!凸顯學校需要義工家長參與!我們需要:福利社、上下課安全引導、活動照相等等的義工,歡迎有空來幫忙的家長請至辦公室#Rm2找美珍談!您可能就是我們要找的人才喔!謝謝。

2. 本週五有傳承班的家長大會!請家長送孩子到教室後,7:10pm到Argonaut Cafeteria 後面戶外的帳棚區與會。明年暑假學校將舉辦「CFL學生暑期回台灣學習中文活動」也會在會議上跟大家說明!歡迎家長提出任何對學校或關於孩子學習問題,期待週五與你們見面!

3. 如果您有朋友想要旁聽,請事先與我們聯絡!我們不接受當天的旁聽,謝謝大家的配合!所有傳承班都仍在接受報名。

4. 慧景中文學校e-mailinfo@svchineseschool.org. Weekly announcement每週三會寄出,星期四會公布在Newsletter網頁。請家長多多利用​​臉書和網站查詢學校資料。

​5. 福利社報吿:謝謝上週Steve, Erica準備紅醬,文琳煮義大利麵,叔叔阿姨們堅持佛心價只收一元!但供不應求,我們為一些晚出來沒吃到的孩子失望而歸表示歉意!本週福利社團隊特別準備了肉燥飯,也只賣一元!謝謝Celine準備肉燥、文琳和Andy煮白飯。請學生週五八點中間下課十分鐘到辦公室 RM2門口購買