1.   School Parent Meeting is this Friday at Room 20. The meeting at 7:15 PM is for heritage classes and the meeting at 8:30 PM is for CFL classes. Please come and meet our school staff and volunteers. Light refreshment will be provided.
2.   We will pass out class library books to KA, 1A, 2A, and 4A classes this week. Please send a volunteered parent to pick up the book after the class meeting.
3.   Our school is still enrolling new students especially for KA and CFL1 classes. If you have friends who are interested in sitting in, please call or email to our office in advance so that the school can notify the class teacher to make arrangement. Please do not sit in without advance notification. We appreciate your cooperation.
4.   The school will offer adult conversation class this year by parents’ demand. We invite you to join the parent meeting this Friday to get more information.
5.   Online tutoring registration will close this Saturday and begin on the first week of October. Please use this link to register online. 
6.   SVCS Snack Shack: The snack shack is selling Pocky sticks for $1 each this Friday.

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Sep 7


Weekly Announcement - 9/21/2018 Week 3

1. 學校將於本星期五 (9/21)舉辦家長大會, 7:15 PM 傳承班,8:30 PM外語班,地點為學校辦公室Room 20,敬邀家長參加,我們將備有點心招待。
2. 本週傳承班KA,1A,2A,4A,將發圖書; 請各班派一位代表於第一堂課開完家長會後,在辦公室領取你們班的圖書,謝謝幫忙!
3. 目前每班仍有名額,尤其是KA和CFL1,非常需要家長幫忙廣為宣傳。如有朋友對我們學校有興趣,請他們打電話或寄電郵來安排旁聽,謝謝。
4. 本校因應家長要求,決定幫家長開成人中文會話班。詳情會在本週五的家長大會正式做宣布。歡迎有興趣的家長到場了解。
5. 這星期五福利社將賣Pocky巧克力棒,每份一元。同時,福利社也要邀約有興趣幫忙福利社的家長來辦公室與我們洽談。謝謝!

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