1. It was nice to meet some of the parents last week and the week before! We want to especially thank Paul Yiu, parent of 6A student Jake, for running ads for the school on Facebook! Please do not forget to like the school post and share it with friends and family. If you have any questions or thoughts please do not hesitate to contact the school. It will be Teacher’s Day next Monday (9/28). We all appreciate teachers’ dedication to Chinese education!

2. We still have openings in all classes. If you know someone who’s interested we welcome them to contact us.

Weekly Announcement Week 3 - 9/25/2020 

1. 感謝上週五上線開家長會的家長們,很開心大家有溫馨的互動!非常感恩6A游至傑家長Paul再度幫學校於臉書上放招生訊息,煩請家長們看到後按讚並分享給您的親朋好友,謝謝大家的合作!提醒家長有任何問題、建議,隨時與學校聯絡,讓我們一起和老師們為孩子營造一個良好的中文學習環境!下週一9/28至聖先師孔子的生日(教師節)就到了,相信家長們對於老師無私的付出都給予正面的肯定!

2. 目前學校各班仍在接受報名,如果有朋友對我們學校有興趣,歡迎他們與我們聯絡。

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