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Chinese as a Second Language Program offers classes focusing on conversational Chinese to students in kindergarten and up. The curriculum targets students who do not have Chinese heritage background with little or none conversational ability, with the purpose of developing students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a practical sense.

Course Descriptions:

  • The program starts by working on listening, speaking and reading before pursuing writing skills.
  • The curriculum design is based on thematic units and uses the spiral-up approach so that students can review the vocabulary while acquiring new ones.
  • Class activities and homework are designed to develop students' interest in Chinese such as games, dialogues, songs, rhymes and poems to make learning Chinese fun and effective.
  • English will be used only to help students understand Chinese contents and instructions.

Material used in CFL at SVCS:

  • Textbook and workbook provided by OCAC
  • Authentic materials collected by teachers
  • Teacher created materials, such as recordings, student vocabulary cards and in-class and at-home assignment

We welcome potential students and their parents to observe our class. Please contact us at info@svchineseschool.org if interested. 


  • 深度式教學
  • 創造力學習
  • 重視文化傳承


  • 小班制(一班人數不超過十五人)
  • 使用小學教室,校區親切安全,優質學習環境
  • 聽說讀寫並重,內容活潑且具生活化。
  • K-5 注音符號繁體字教學


  • 經過培訓,實習,具愛心及耐心的優良教師

上課時間: Friday 7:00pm-9:00pm
上課地點: Argonaut Elementary School,

               Saratoga, CA 95070

  • K班至8年級的學生

觀迎有興趣的家長與學生至本校參觀與詢問, 請事先與我們聯絡以做安排.

Email: info@svchineseschool.org.